Monday, January 21, 2008

The Great Seal of the Confederacy

Please note the identity of the rider. If you have a hard time making it out... its George Washington. Remember, when the CSA was formed they adopted the same format for their new flag as the original US flag. Why? Because they believed themselves to have more claim to it than the yankees that remained. When one considers that the Declaration of Independence was written and signed by southrons... that the constitution was written and signed by southrons... and that the war for independence was fought and won by southrons... its hard to argue with them. They considered their new country a simple extension of the original. Its like they were seceding... but taking the culture with them. They argued that what remained had been so defiled that it no longer resembled the original united States at all.
Again... considering the results... their claims are not easy to dispute. Deo Vindice my friends.
God Will Vindicate

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