Friday, January 04, 2008

Charting New Territories of Stupid

Bill wipes his ass... inspects the paper... and then decides to share his findings with us:

Bush does not have open trade agreements with dictators, he imposes embargoes. Bush encourages open trade with governments that respect human rights and have representative governments. These are both classic pro-freedom positions which Ron Paul opposes. Bush also has expressed a willingness to use force against nations that use force against American citizens around the world, particularly where those American citizens were acting in a capacity representing America as an entity. Ron Paul stridently disagrees with this position. Thus, Ron Paul would remove both positive and negative reinforcement against dictators - trade if they behave and force if they don't. This not only lends legitimacy to dictators, but it solidifies their power.


Bush is more pro-freedom than Paul, because Paul would remove embargos that hurt dictators in various places around the world... like say... Cuba.

We have a word for this... we call this "hypocracy". See Bill conveniently ignores the fact that Bush, and the US, not only support various dictators around the world... some of the worst regimes have actually been placed in power by it.

Iran anyone?

Saddam himself was put in power by the US!!! The same assinine meddling that Bush is attempting in Afganistan and Pakistan has consistantly resulted in anti-freedom dictatorships. The House of Saud is about as anti freedom as any ruling class in the world... and we prop them up!

So never mind that Bush is all for running around installing and supporting dictators all about the globe... his only criteria being that they kiss his ring.

Oh... but he won't let us buy cuban cigars... so clearly he's more pro-freedom than Paul.

Bill has embarassed himself. Boo him accordingly.

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