Monday, January 14, 2008

So You Think Ashcroft Changed Things?

If so I strongly suggest you read this article.

Pay particular attention to the timeline of events... and note that apparently the government can now claim any weapon it wants is a machine gun, and can prosecute you. Seriously? Are we all now expected to go get class III FFL's just in case?

Look... all auto-loading weapons are naturally full-auto. It takes designed in extra mechanics to make them semi-auto. At some point... those mechanics fail. Every semi-auto weapon out there is really an automatic weapon waiting to happen. In fact... by this standard... your over-under could even be labeled a "machine gun".

Its not a good day to be on the gun rights side of the fence boys. It took Nixon to go to China... I'm now wondering if it took Dubya kill the Right to Bear arms.

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