Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Ok boys... Varmint Huntin' is the topic at hand. Whatcha huntin', where ya huntin', whatcha huntin' with?

Be advised that JAC and I are currently investigating a trip to take the lives of several hundered ground hogs. Our options are open of course but while I am pretty comfy with using my Colt National Match AR-15... JAC is having .243 fantasies. Ballisticly speaking I can't say that I blame him. Still, it seems a might irresponsible to go snatch up a shiney .243 when I already have this proven tac-driver right here... and plus... I love it when I explain that the scary black gun with the 30-round mags is in fact an excellent hunting weapon.

So... let's hear it boys. 22-250? 243? 220 swift? anyone out there using .308 sabots????

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