Friday, January 04, 2008


Of course... this edition is for medicinal purposes only.

We pick up the story as our hero debates with his loving wife the use of super glue to seal small cuts. Ignoring both her objections and decade of advanced medical training... he's glued the cut.

So that's the debate. You have a cut that could probably use a couple stiches. Glue it? Or go to the ER? I maintain that the risk of infection through exposure to whatever toxins may or may not be in super glue is less than the risk of infection through exposure to the many and varied bugs in the ER.

At any rate... Its handled... and of course I'm now stuck with the swelling ache bit... so I've decided to self medicate a bit further... this time with bourbon.

Now... Judging by his insane comments of late... both here and at JAC's I can reasonably conclude that Bill's been on about 2 week bender... and God bless him for it. If he keeps it up another 50 weeks they'll make him an honourary Australian.

Speaking of Aussies... I wonder if Jamie's loaded yet...

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