Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BloggerBlaster Poll!

Ok... let's hear it... name your favorite John Wayne films... one from the black and white era... and one from the color era. The Shootist? The Searchers? True Grit? How about The Angel and the Badman? Hell town? Riders of Destiny?

What say you?

And yes... now that you ask.. me and the boys are in fact spending the day watching black and white John Wayne movies. Hey... they're rated G!

I'm only one movie in but I'm reminded of some great lines...

Cowboy: Ya gonna pull him through doc?
Doc: He's gonna pull himself through. If two bullets couldn't kill him, I reckon I can't either.

Lady: Ya just went out there to talk... what'd ya have to go and shoot him for?
John Wayne(after killing two charging mexicans): well ma'am... the conversation kinda went dry.

The technology is so much better... but today's movies suck in comparison.

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