Friday, July 24, 2009


Well... here we sit. The boys are all in the bed... Alestorm blares merrily from the speakers. All is right with the world. Seriously. Pirate Metal. What could be more awesome?

Now.. the question of the night is this... under appreciated firearms. Name some. Name some truely awesome firearms that no one cares about today... or that just never got the recognition they deserve. Pistols... Rifles... Shotguns... everything. You name it. I'll start you off with three:

Savage 99: Finest lever action ever made. Unreasonably accurate. Awesome original cartridge for its day. Superior to the winchester lever gun in every possible way.

Steyr M-series: This won't suprise anyone. You know how much I love the weapons. You know that know one even knows what the hell they are.

FAL: The AK-47 may be the hammer of communism... but the FAL is Western Civilization's right arm.

A: New Castle
T: Romeo y Julieta
F: M&P 15... Ruger Vaquero .44 mag. Just because.

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