Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TAT Prep

Well boys its that time of year again. Time to rig up the KLX and head out to God's Nowhere in search of adventure if not fortune.

JAC and I are heading for Oklahoma. The initial plan is to follow the trail through Oklahoma, New Mexico.. through Colorado across the Great Divide... all the way to the Utah line.

1569 mile of dirt road for anyone interested.

We still have a few weeks before we go.. so its time to start getting the bike ready.

So far I'm thinking:

*** Smaller rear sprocket... maybe a couple teeth smaller. I want to be able to really pop the front wheel if I have to. Big rocks out there. Also... I'm looking at a

*** Larger fuel tank. It only has a 1.8 gallon tank. It gets around 70mpg so that's nice... but a 2.7 gallon tank sounds a lot nicer.

*** A better bash plate.

*** Heavy duty radiator guards.

*** Substancial luggage. At least one legit waterproof compartment.

*** Satelite communications device. Either a phone or a Spot. Recommendations welcome.

*** Big Bore Revolver. The .44 mag may have to do. I doubt the bears will be impressed.

Suggestions welcome.

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