Friday, July 17, 2009

Yankee Hospitality

A contradiction in terms without question but it appears that Waterboy's wife must've taught him a thing or two about the southern tradition.

I gave the ol' boy a call lastnight around supper time and... ok... I have to be honest... initially he claimed he couldn't grab a beer with me because he had to get a perm.

Read that again.

He had to get a perm. I realize he'll protest this... but I will place my hand on a Bible and swear the truth of it. Anyway after working out a schedule that would allow for his beauty treatments we met up a little micro brewery that was just down the road from me.

Phantom Canyon I believe is the name of the place. I had the cream ale or some such. Damned good. A fine plate of pork chops followed a couple of those I believe... then it was out to the bench to smoke a couple fine cigars that dear ol' Aqua lad had just aquired.

No shit boys this was one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Romeo y Julieta Museum Edition. The thing came in a hand painted tube. Unbelieveable. It was so good I almost feel bad for sharing that bit about him getting a perm... almost.

At any rate its always fun to meet you guys. I can now add Waterboy to the list along with Luke, Underwater Operative, and Bill. Shame I missed out on meeting Res... but what with him swoonin' lately I figured he must need his rest.

So thanks for the hospitality Waterboy. Ya make one helluva a host... even when you're hostin' a no good redneck.

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