Friday, July 03, 2009

Daddy Blogging

I've said if before but if we'd known what kind of pure entertainment value there is in having kids... we would've done it sooner. Now... all you serious intellectual bloggers can turn your noses up because I'm about to tell a story or two about my boys.

So the other day Jeb comes walking down stairs with his hand over his eye. He's not really crying... but he's obviously hurting pretty bad.

"Daddy... Daddy... Eli stabbed me in the eye with his red sword... and it hurts so bad I lost my jay."


Don't get me wrong. I'm certain that Eli didn't stab Jeb in the eye deliberately. Not that he wouldn't under the right circumstances but the child just doesn't have that kind of deadly skill... yet. After determining that no real damage had been done I had some questions...

"Well... we were sword fighting... and I went like this! chish chishh shwoosh! Then Eli went swish! and he stabbed me in the eye and I lost my jay."


"You lost your Jay?"

"Yeah... I lost my Jay."


"So now you're just... Eb?"

"Yeah... I'm just Eb. I lost my J."

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