Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kindred Spirits

While we were on the train we found ourselves chattin' with one of the cowboys that had participated in the Old West Shootout. Big ol' boy... also happened to be mayor of Williams, AZ where we were camping.

I had talked to him for quite a while when Jeb came up and asked, "Excuse me.. But why do cowboys always fight indians?"

His answer was both correct and insightful.

"Well young man... the fact is cowboys didn't fight the indians. The Calvary did. So really... the Indians fought against the same people you folks did... and for the same reason."

Reckon our southron accents gave us away.

It was a little suprising when he went on to add...

"Of course lookin' back I'd say the indians got a better deal than you folks did. I mean at least they have the reservations and their own governments."


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