Friday, July 10, 2009

Greetings from Albuquerque

Is that the only name or word in our language that has 3 u's in it? I need to know these things. Alas... as you can see we've covered some serious ground in these 2 days. It means we haven't had a lot of picture stops... in fact... we've had precisely none. But that will change tomarrow. I planned it this way. I wanted to leave time tomarrow to hit some of the cool sites in Arizona... like the big crater... the so-called Land of Fire and Ice... stuff that will be a big hit for the boys. We aren't planning on being at Williams until late tomarrow night anyway... so we're good.

Of course... most of the day was once again spent on concrete roads. I swear I'm pissing blood. But at least after we hit New Mexico we had stuff to look at. Man is it gorgeous out here. We drove just south of a storm front for a good 80 miles out here... you could see the whole thing. Lots of lightening... lots of rain... just like cloud curtains slithering down to earth... stunning.

We don't have that back east boys. Big Sky Country has already made the impression that I knew it would.

The down side off course is that constant 30mph wind from the southwest. God does that suck. A well.. at least its not hot. It only got up to 102 today.. but it felt a damn site cooler than what 102 feels like at home. 102 back there will kill you. This wasn't a big deal. The wind was more irritating than the heat.

Now to make things more interesting... I'm camping next to a modern day Virgil Earp. White hair... handlebar mustache... walks around carryin' a mil spec 1911 cocked and locked in a korea era leather holster (I have one just like it). Way cool. Told me he drove down from Alaska.

He spat and said... "Fuckin' Canada. Gas was $7.45 there. God Damned Commie fuckers. All to pay for insurance cards that they can carry around and not get healthcare with. Then he spat again... and said, "That fuckin' spook president of ours... he wants that same shit. (Pats the 1911) Well I got something for him if he does."

Oh... by the way...

Wanna feel old?

Today was Elkan's second birthday. Celebrated on the road with his favorite toys and favorite food. He's even getting to swim here at the campground. Big stuff y'all.

I'm gonna sign off. Time for a shower and cigar. Big day tomarrow. Big damned day.

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