Saturday, July 11, 2009

Williams Arizona

And we're here... finally. Holy cow dude. Damned 2000 miles thanks to side trips. Big fun though. Today we walked down to an Ice Cave. Its a collapsed lava tube that is so cold there's a huge puddle of ice at the bottom year round. Even though the land around it is 98 degrees. Truely bizarre.

Up next was the Hole. No not the Grand Canyon... that's tomarrow after the train ride. No... I'm talking about the meteor crater.

I was amused to no end to find an honest to God Apollo Command module on display there. I'm sure you'll love the pictures. Oh yeah... this thing was truely built to last. Rivets falling out all over the place... CAULK failing... CAULK DUDE! Rusted cracks... yeah. This thing went to the moon and back. Of course it did.

Anyway... MANY pictures. I'll upload them in the morning. But dude... its late and I gotta get up to meet the train in the AM.

Y'all be cool.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot...

Flagstaff S U C K S.

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