Saturday, June 11, 2005

All Natural defines "Natural" as; Present in or produced by nature: a natural pearl.

Indeed this is a common definition... but the insistence of the Green Crowd on the inherent greatness of things defined as All Natural is among the more amuzing hints to their rampant ignorance.

After all... what exactly is not... natural? What is that we have... that does not come from nature?

A beaver dam is considered natural... because its built by beavers... and beavers are apparently naturally occuring. Given this... isn't an interstate just as natural? We humans are in fact naturally occuring... at least... in so much as a beaver is. So when a beaver uses sticks and much to dam up a creek, why is that different from humans using sand, cement, and water to create concrete roads?

Either we humans are naturally occuring or we are not. If we are... then everything we do to the earth is natural, and is indeed the proper natural state of the earth. The roads... the buildings... the smog... the oilslicks... the various extinct species. They are all natural.

It's only when we humans are viewed as apart from nature... as if we were put here by some higher being that our stewardship of the earth becomes relevant.

Indeed if evolution were true... the endagered species legislation would actually be screwing up the system.

There's a lesson here y'all. If you haven't spent much time thinkin' about something... you probly shouldn't have real strong convictions on it.

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