Friday, June 03, 2005

Representative Republic; Nate Style

Setting aside the Whatsit... I'd like to take a brief moment to discuss the inherent flaw in this particular type of government.

The Representative Republic is much ballyhooed... and is nearly universally lauded... There is a problem though... and one that is roundly ignored. Lets start by lookin' at the process.

Elections are held to select those who will represent the voters in the halls of government. Looking closer... People who desire the position of representative sign forms and declare their intent... then they compete to woo the voters. On the surface this appears fine... but already the terrible flaw can be seen.

The problem is... this particular system rewards those who seek power. Who... as best I can tell... are the very last people you should really want to have power.

In fact... we'd all be a lot better off if we'd use the election cycle to determine exactly who we should premptively lynch.

The solution?

Nate Style Democracy!

We still hold elections... but no one is allowed to run. All write ins. Most votes win, with no minimums. Anyone caught soliciting votes is forever barred from any form of public office... jailed for no less than 3 years... and umm... flogged on the capital steps, that goes for anyone caught soliciting votes for someone by any means other than word of mouth. And just for fun... the winner should only be eligible for re-election if they veto'd at least 50% of all the bills that came across their desk. Otherwise... 1 term only... ever.

Ahh.. but what if the people who win refuse?

Nope. You don't get to refuse. In fact, the more you don't want the job, the more we need you to have it. George Washington was an excellent president. You know why? Because he pretty much didn't do anything. He would've rather been back at Mount Vernon runnin' his distillery after all.

This system would end up with normal folks getting elected... and pretty much doin' nothing. They'd be filled with spite for being forced to serve... so they'd veto every thing that came across their desk without even reading it. Now see... That's who you'd want re-elected.

See... anyone who wants power is most likely someone who has a pretty serious urge to tell others how they should live. Considering that we're the others in question... we should probably take steps to insure that them what wants that... never gets it.

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