Monday, June 13, 2005

Homebirthin' = Bad Idea

2 stats for ya.

Of all the Modern Countries in the world (1st world) the country with the highest rate of birth related infant mortality is... Japan.


Of all the modern countries in the world (1st world) the country with highest rate of non-hospital births is????

Thats right! Japan. In japan most births are at home... or at little "mom and pop" birthin' shops. When something goes wrong... they try like hell to get the kids to a real hospital... but of course... transit and takes time. Sometimes its time that mom and baby just don't have.

Listen people... when it comes to basic decision making about important matters... you can pretty much rule out just about anything the hippies do. So if you find yourself sidin' with the Damn Dirty Hippies (DDH) you should probably seriously reconsider your position. That's all I'm sayin'.

Just a quick rebuttal to those who claim that birthing is a perfectly natural body function which requires no assistance. This is the most assinine of arguements. Let's take a look at the animal world shall we? It's perfectly natural for a bitch to lose half of her first litter if she's left on her own... and even when they do better than average, they almost always lose at least 1. Left unassisted.. who's to say how many kids would naturally die... but I'll say this, if they are my kids, even 1 is to many... and like I said in the "all natural" post... we've developed our medical sciences naturally, as we were meant to. Avoiding hospitals is tantamount to a beaver choosing to sleep outside because he views the dam as unatural.

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