Friday, June 03, 2005


Yeah Yeah... I know... It's late... But don't fret... I'm gonna make up for lost time!

I've been meanin' to blog on my first honest attempt at a country music song. I've not got anything typed up yet... I've just strummed a little on the guitar and sung a few bars to myself in the truck... I've got the concept down of course... the lyrical hook... and of course it has all the requirements of any good country song; trains, trucks, prison, mama, and gettin' drunk... though in this case... not drunk enough... You know the story... woman runoft... dog died... truck won't start... just an all around bad bad day.

I would've posted earlier... but frankly I've been off havin' a big time with my buddies in Nashville. Jeb's future bride (the arranged marriage is being worked out as I type) and her family were gracious enough to invite us over for pizza.

Now the bad news is... these folks are do gooders. No booze... no smokes... about the biggest vice this guy has is Tennis. That ain't good boys. So anyway... here I sit on a Friday night... with nothing... no smokes... no booze...

Thankfully I do have guns though. Though even there my options are limited... Julie's keltec .40... my beloved PT-101... or my Taurus .357 Tracker... ***sigh*** I feel naked.

But... on to the ATF:

A: IBC Cherry LimeAid Who woulda thunk it?
T: Something from WellDigger's well-stocked Humidor. Yeah he got one finally... and it's a doozie. Someting lighter.. Maybe a Don Juan?
F: Currently lusting over a particular STI 1911... though I'd never stray from my beloved Springfield... unless I suppose I could be talked into a CZ.. oops.. I mean Dan Wesson.

So there it is for this week. Y'all have a ball. Say a prayer for Res and Waterboy, who're out havin' more fun than any of us deserve. God Bless 'em... Say one for Bane to while your at it. No daddy should have to watch his son go through that.

Anyway... Y'all keep 'em straight...

***Standard Friday Posting Rules Apply***

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