Friday, June 10, 2005


A little over 100 years ago there used to be stories of odd black and white creatures... that lived in the remote parts of china... and ate bamboo. The people who believed these stories were the objects of much fun and the brunt of many jokes.

Today you can see Panda's in several large zoos are the United States.

The orangutan, the gorrilla, the white tiger, the giant squid, the kommodo dragon, and the mega-mouth shark are all cryptids that the scientific community knew did not exist... some as recently as 20 years ago.

That's the great thing about scientists... they never really know what they tell you they know. But they're awefully sure they know it.

This brings me to my favorite particular cryptid... Bigfoot. Now... we're not talking about Santa Claus here. There is no singular Bigfoot. It's not an individual monster. We're talking about the possible existence of a large (6-9 foot tall) bipedal creature, covered with hair.

You ask, "why isn't there video of one?"

There is, says I. There are also several audio clips. Both are available here.

That little gem of a site is probably my favorite spot on the net on a rainy friday night. I sneak over there late at night and read the encounters. I tend to focus on places I know. My old home town... Sitings around middle and east Tennessee... and of course.. the many in West Virginia.

Tell ya what... later tonight... not now.... but later... when its dark out... and the mind is more open to... the unexplained... click here. After you've heard that... head back over to and read a few stories from around your home state or county. Play some of the audio files. Pay attention to that howl. I've heard that one... out in the big woods... the old woods. In the mountains east of Morgantown. That right there is the kinda thing that creeps a man in a tree stand out!

Of all the footage that's been taken, the most impressive, and there contraversial, is the Peterson Film. Of course... many believe this film to be a fake, as a few individuals have actually come forth and claimed to have been the man in the costume. Of course, they could never produce the costume, or even create an approximation of the costume. In fact, the more people have tried to disprove the film, the more they've ended up demonstrating its validity. See... when the BBC spends a couple million dollars "reproducing" the "faked video" and the product comes out looking much less real than the original... well... it raises a few eyebrows. That's exactly what happened with the Peterson Film.

Cryptozoology is a closet hobby of mine. One that I would love to spend some time on... but just haven't got the time and money to do it yet.

So... consider the floor open for your tales of the unexplained. You're ghost stories... your Mothman stories... your bigfoot stories. I figure it should make the ATF post all the better.

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