Monday, June 06, 2005

Three Meals

Ya know there was a time in this part of the country when we all knew the correct names of the three daily meals. In the mornin' we had breakfast. Which is appropirately named... as its the meal when you break you nightly fast.

The next meal of course was the day time meal... and since it was had in the daytime... it was called dinner. Then the nightly meal was called supper.

Sadly... our part of the country has been infiltrated. Much of what we used to know has been lost to the yankee heathens. Apparently now the evening meal is dinner.... dinner...

It's not dinner people... it's supper... hell.. That's Biblical! Who ever heard of the Lord's Dinner? I suppose if Jesus was from Ohio...

Jesus from Ohio??? A yankee Christ??? Now that sounds like a song right there boys...

"If Jesus was a Yankee... We'd all go to Hell."

Anyway... I suppose I should point out that most of this came from the preacher on Sunday Mornin'. I tell ya'll... if you never have the privilage of hearin' a mainline preacher's retiring few sermons.... well... the Good Lord just may have jipped ya. Nobody swings for the fences like somebody who knows he's takin' his last few shots.

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