Thursday, June 02, 2005

What Makes a Man

Is it always doing what needs to be done?

Well... yeah... that.. and a set of testicles.

Seems some folks over at Elena's place have wadded up their panties over what they deem my "limited" view of masculinity. According to them, simply being the spiritual head of the household is qualification enough.

As DrWho says... "Oh I see... so... since I menstrate I'm feminine."

It would be nice if we could pretend that's the truth... but it ain't. See... a feller who dances around in a dress.. wears makeup... primps like a teen aged girl and plays soccer could still be the spiritual leader of his house.

He wouldn't be masculine though.

Just feminists are loathe to apply traditional definitions of what is womanly, the brainwashed modern male is loathe to apply traditional definitions of what is manly.

This is of course predictable... as people tend to dislike standards by which they fail to measure up. "There's nothing wrong with me! It's the rules that are broken!" Sounds like something a 3rd grader might learn in Government Schools.

All this also relates to the most pathetic catch phrase in our language... "Secure enough in his manhood". See... Its not that you're girly... its that you are "secure enough in your manhood" to show how you really are. In otherwords... everyone is really girly... and those who aren't girly aren't manly... they are just aren't man enough to admit that they are girly.

So... In order to be a man you have to wear a dress or get pedicures. Get it?

As amusing as this line of "thought" is... it's by no means the greatest source of entertainment to be found here... No no... The best is the wrathful indignance that this nancy-boys fain when confronted with their nancy-boyness. Yep... those pretty pink panties get all wadded up... now that's hoot right there.

The main point of contention of course is the one requirement that the traditional standards... umm... require... that the nancy-boys just can't handle...

Requirement number 3: Usefullness.

If you can't fix things... fight off the badman... kill bugs... tend to the yard... perform routine maintenence on the vehicles... stick two pieces of metal together with fire... and generally solve problems and make life easier on your female companion... Then what damned good are ya?

Newsflash! A pecker and paycheck don't cut it. Neither does this spiritual leader mess either. She gets her own paycheck these days... peckers can be purchased at various unseemly shops, and all the spiritual leadership any girl needs can be found in all number of places.

Indeed.. a limited view of masculinity eh?

Then again... I'm well aware that 2+2 does not equal 22. So I suppose its because I have a limited view of addition as well.

Unwad Thy Panties! - The Book of Nate, Chapter 1, Verse 1

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