Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Piss Off Fatso

This is freakin' awesome. I'm so sick of hearing all these stories these huge women... I mean... huge... like... 5 feet none... 455 pounds... huge. Big. Damn Big. They somehow waddle their way into a hospital and demand treatment... stinking to high heaven... and invariably they are the biggiest whiners in the hosptial. To bad American doctors don't have the balls to do this sort of thing.

I know... You're shocked... you can't believe I'd condone denying someone treatment because of their weight. Well think again. If you don't think enough of your health to get off the damned couch, then why should I?

I have no more sympathy for the morbidly obese than I do for the chronic drug addict or the habitual queer. Your problems are of your own making.

Put down the damned twinkie.

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