Friday, February 24, 2006

ATF: The Continental Edition

I say the Continental Edition... because I'm sitting here in my smokin' jacket... sippin' shampanya.

Oh yeah... How you doin' baby?

Let's starting things off right. Apparently JAC has decided to make an issue of my fondest bourbon. Even going so far as to compare it negatively with the swill that is Kentucky Tavern. One might well expect such a transgression to lead to some great blog war. In my estimation this instance actually casts a great deal more light on JAC's simple palate than it does on the unimpunable quality of my beloved Makers Mark.

For those who started drinking a few hours ago... that was just a long drawn out way of me tellin' JAC to kiss my white ass. But I digress...

Understand that I am in no way claiming that Makers Mark is the equal of something like Rare Breed. Its simply laughable. But just because something isn't as good as the best there is, doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. Bang for the buck and all that.

On a far more disturbing note... my quite full humidor is acting up. This is putting several of my dark lovelies in harms way, and quite needlessly. If you think I haven't lost sleep over the fact that the humidity level is far below par, you should think again. I've gone so far as to add a soaking wet paper towel (distilled water of course) to try to help out. I'm quite conserned. We'll see how it goes.

On the firearms front... There's clearly a Lee vs. RCBS debate waiting to break out here... with the RCBS snobs lead by Gregg, and the God Fearing supporters of all things Lee lead by JAC. I come down on the Lee side of things myself, and have been, much like JAC, known to sit and use a lee loader at the range on the same case over and over. You would be suprised what sort of groups this will produce. My brother and I, would not.

Now... what you don't realize is that approximately 2 hours has past since that last paragraph... and I've had a bottle of sssssssssshampanya pretty much to myself... so on that note... i'll leave you. But before I do....

Let me remind you that you should be listening to Chris Ledoux... or at least Brahms... unless its a Nat Light kinda night... where in you should be listening to Sammy Kershaw sing about Beer, Bait, and Ammo. Stick with those boys and you'll do fine.

Now eat.. drink... and be well... pat whatever fine lovely you find yourself in the company of on her ample rear end, and blame it on me.

Y'all keep 'em straight.

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