Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yankee Women

I offer you a letter to the Editor of the Asbury Park Times:

Hunting's not sport

Why aren't more people talking about the real issue with Vice President Cheney's hunting accident — sport hunting? The ranch where Cheney was
hunting provides quail that are raised and released for the sole purpose of
being hunted. Sport hunting is an oxymoron. There is no sport in hunting. It is
an outlet for those with misplaced anger and rage. That this was downplayed
comes as no surprise to me.

Shooting and killing birds with pellets is not only inhumane, it's
barbaric. Many birds are only wounded, and suffer. All living things feel pain
and deserve to be treated with kindness.

The National Rifle Association and fish-and-game interests are powerful
lobbies in Washington, constantly putting their own spin on hunting and gun
violence. They even urge parents to hunt with their children. What if Cheney had
shot a child that day? Would that have been much ado about nothing?

Countless forms of recreation do not involve the killing of innocent beings. Had Cheney been engaged in a more positive activity, his friend wouldn't have been critically injured. Violence is too prevalent in our society. Cheney serves as a terrible role model for our children. We need to raise our children to respect life and have empathy for all living things.

Nadine Hemy

You see... sometimes its far better to just let these people talk. You can win a debate without ever opening your mouth. I mean... to this nutcase, the fact that Cheney was shooting birds is more important than the fact that he shot a human being. Being.. did ya catch that? Notice how she refers to birds as "beings". And you wonder why Vox doesn't want women to vote.

This letter... this letter right here...

This is why we hate liberals.

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