Tuesday, February 28, 2006

NateMail: Powder Measure

Coy Getman of RCBS writes:

(on volumetric powder measure producing more accurate rounds than mass)

Some say yes, some, no. Volumetric measuring is done for black powder, mass for smokeless.
Now for thoughts "according to Coy": The stick powders do not come through a measure well, some of the sticks are sheared while others are pushed down into the reservoir, the result is different each time and not conducive to accuracy. The spherical powders tend to measure well as they are most often not sheared when measuring, therefore volume and mass will vary, little. I would say for the stick powder, use weight, for spherical, volume, but check periodically by weight.

What say you boys? I think ol' Coy nailed her down pretty good.

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