Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Boys will be boys...

First off credit where credit is due... I totally ripped this video off of JAC's blog. Sorry. I can't help it. Its insane... I've watched it like 20 times already this morning.

It's like motorcycle porn. The amazing thing is seeing how playful these guys are. I mean... they're riding their asses off... they're doing things that mortal men simply do not do... and yet... they're just playing. Notice the crashes... the guys get up... and they aren't worried that they're hurt... their pounding the ground because they're pissed that they don't get to play anymore. They're pounding on each other like its Bristol... but they ain't in stock cars... they're on two wheels... and they're goin' roughly 50mph faster than the boys at Bristol to boot!

Men... watch the video. See why the boys of MotoGP shame all other racers... save only those of the Baja 1000. Please pay particular attention at the 4:04 mark... where you can feast your eyes on the most awesome powerslide I've ever seen.

Girls... watch the video. I give you my word... you'll be squirming in your seats. Why? Because what's better than watching a bunch of guys be guys?

Watch it. Love it.


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