Saturday, February 18, 2006


Let's go racin' boys!

It's gonna be a wild year... May as well kick things off with a prediction though right? I'm going with the big name no one is talking about. Well... almost no one. At least until he and his teamate lit up happy hour yesterday. Of course I'm talkin' about Dale Jr and Truex.

Jeff Gordon was to busy rubbing his aching vagina to both practicing... but he did give his fingers a rest long enough to watch a little. He pointed out that Jr was looking real good. I for one am hoping Gordon was talking about Junior's car and not looking for a latenight shower partner.

Look for Kevin Harvick to make some noice tomarrow too. He's the darkhorse pick.

Late in the race I expect Stewart, Truex, and maybe ol' Happy to link up with Jr and follow the big dog to the front.

Gordon and his queer buddy Jimmy Johnson won't have a prayer when that happens.

Chevy will dominate. Again.


Well it was all set up like I thought... Dale Jr baled out to make his run... but as has been the case the last couple years... no one wanted to go with him. I don't know why Smoke didn't jump out there with him.... I really think the two of them could've taken the Little Johnson. Still... Great race... awesome to have racin' back!

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