Monday, February 20, 2006

Bravado, Arabs, and China

There is something in our society... something weak. Something that makes people automatically associated aggressiveness with strength. We see it in the everyday assumption that white people can't win fights with blacks... because young black males demonstrate extremely aggressive behavior. This is a mis-interpratation of course, as one should regard such behavior as a large neon sign reading: coward here. This is the behavior of one trying to boast his way out of a fight he doesn't really want.

On a large scale we see this in the Muslim world. When there is 5000 of them, and no one to fight back, they are as brave as can be. They'll burn an embassy to the ground in a heart-beat.

But notice China, where the violent riots are not riots at all, but demonstrations. No buildings burning there.


Because the Red Army would love an excuse to kill every one them, and they know it.

Back in 1989 we heard all about the elite Republican Guard. We heard how powerful the soviet armed Iraqi army was.


Now we hear the same things about Iran. Even Vox has fallen for it. Iran is not Iraq they'll say.


The Arab myth of military prowess was exposed completely by Israel in 1967. We learned everything we need to know. They're all talk. They talk and talk and talk... until you punch them in the face... then they squawk... and whimper... and cry... and surrender... tails tucked.

The only middle-eastern army worth a damn is the Egyptian Army. Its the only one who's boys kept their heads under fire.

The rest are just just lapdogs... lookin' to get stepped on.

They're behavior in China is the tell-tale sign. They'll push around anyone they want! So long as they know they won't get pushed back. They have a comfort with certain cultures. Muslims believe whites to be largely cowards... so they feel free to behave anyway they choose. On the other hand, they do not doubt the brutality that China is capable of.

Brutality is how you earn these people's respect. You demonstrate will through violence. It is the exact opposite of western culture.

Its time we understood that, and responded accordingly.

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