Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Liberal Mind

Christians tolerate their religion to be slandered and run the mud by Hollywood daily. We see our religion parodied by shows like Will and Grace in the many offensive ways... and the response is bored silence.

But to a liberal... Christianity is a violent evil religion that's responsible for murders and wars all over the world.

Muslims are apparently perfectly willing to throw the whole of Europe into war over a couple of cartoons in a couple newspapers. Shit the bed! Someone drew a picture of muhammad!!! Kill'em all! Islam is the most reprehensible mainstream religion in the world today. They slaughter.. torture.. rape.. and ruin... all out in the open... with video evidence. Of the handful of wars that have actually been faught over religion in our world's brief history, Islamic expansion was responsible for practicly every one.

But to a liberal... Islam is a religion of peace.

Cartoons. Drawings. They go to war over this?

These are not people. These are animals... something perhaps slightly more developed than the shrub next to my porch.

I'm supposed to give a damn?



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