Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yeah Baby!

I found this review of The South Was Right! on

This book has thoroughly enraged me. This book is fire; this book is dangerous. This book makes me feel towards New Englanders the same way a Jew might feel towards Germans; I hate them. New Englanders have no culture, only blind arrogance, money, and hypocrisy. I am a black man, and my whole life I have been led to literally hate the South and Southerners. New England propaganda, over the course of a lifetime, will do that to anyone. After reading this book, I now love the South. Southerners are MY people, and New Englanders are and always have been the enemy.

After actually visiting the South for the first time in my life, I know this to be true. I actually felt more at home than I ever could have in the North or New England. I say, we need a 2nd period of Reconstruction in the United States, but this time in New England. It's time they understand what it's like to be poor and have a boot to their throat. It's time that they drop the charade, and stop calling themselves Americans.

Every black American should read this book. - Mike Jones

Amen brother Jones. Amen.

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