Friday, July 07, 2006

Diesel Therapy

We don't torture folks in the US. Right?

Wrong. We just do so non-traditional ways.

Rebels in America are tought there lessons... just like everywhere else. Here-in I'll detail one of the favoured methods.

Person X has been arrested. For what makes no difference. Let's just say some how or another he's found himself in the federal prison system. He may well not have even been tried yet. He may just be waiting to work out bail or bond. Then everything changes.

A guard informs him he's going to be transported. He's shackled... stiffeners are used on the cuffs on his legs and hands that prevent any movements. His arms and legs are locked into one position... he's put on a bus.. and he's left there. For 20 hours a day... for weeks. He's transported from prison to prison to prison. Constantly moving. He's not let out of his seat to relieve himself. He's forced to simply sit there in his own shit. His own piss.

And what can be done? He can't call a lawyer. He can't call his family. No one can call him. No one can find him... and when its all said and done... who will believe him?

Think this doesn't happen?

Think again.

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