Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Call To Arms?

Friends I write today to ask a simple question; is it time?

While browsing the net and even scouring the news I see the frustrations of a system that cannot work. I see the frustration of men who know something must be done, but have no method of acting.

Shorty sums up the frustration well... it's best to let him tell it.

I look at those pictures and their proclamations of death against Israel and the United States. I read their messages and see their support for the terrorist organizations responsible for killing tens of thousands of civilians. They support people who will kill their own neighbors and openly display their bodies in a PSYOP battle we are losing. They use our traditions and beliefs in tolerance and compassion against us, and march down our major cities declaring their loyalty to a people who believe the Shoah was a myth. Why do we tolerate this?
I can't speak for everyone. I know that my personal reasons stem from the laws of our great nation prohibiting harm even to those who work for our demise. It is no more legally acceptable to fight the scum who protest with pro-Hezbollah signs than it is to assault a Baptist preacher.
We have our own media forces working against us. American and Israeli forces are looked down on, bad-mouthed, slandered, and sensitive information is released by those in charge of our TV, radio, and print medias.
And more than that, our own citizens who preach the nonsense of tolerance do nothing but encourage and embolden these animals and allow their enablers to preach their messages with impunity.

The frustration is obvious. But where lies the solution? Before you solve your problem... you need to understand it.

Is it time?

This is not the The First Islamic Expansion. That went on from 630 to 1258, and was beaten back not by political bodies... but by The Army of the Church.

This is not the Second Islamic Expansion. That went on from 1350 to 1683, and was beaten back not by political bodies... but again... by the Army of the Church.

This is the leading edge of the Third Expansion of Islam. It's in its infancy. Perhaps only 30-years old... and it is enjoying success because it is being met by political bodies.

Is it time?

America's Army is not God's Army.

The Army of the Church is not constrained by the silly laws of America. The media coverage... protests... propaganda... they have no effect on her. She does God's Will regardless.

Is it time friends?

Is it time for the Tenth Crusade?

It is madness isn't it? An Army of The Church? Our culture doesn't do things that way. But we did, and our enemy does... and with the tactics the enemy employs, our options become more and more limited.

Islam conquered the whole Iberian Peninsula before The Army of The Church drove her back to her litter box. But what if it hadn't? What if the Church had left the work to political bodies? Political leaders don't care what religion dominates their land, so long as they get to be the ones doing the political dominating. If the Church had left the fighting to France, The Church may well not exist at all today. We could all be walking around with diapers on our heads.

It is my assertion that this latest expansion of Islam will continue. It will continue... it will gain momentum until we act... until The Church acts. As Christians on earth it is out duty... it is our responsibility to do the will God. The High Road is not always what our human morality defines. The High Road is defined by God.

All I'm asking is when?

Is it Time?

Will a Christian leader stand up and say enough is enough? Will the Church have the courage to even acknowledge its responsibility? Will we wait till the wolfs are at the door? Historically we have been slow to act... and perhaps we will be again. So perhaps it isn't time.

Remember this though... never look for political solutions to a problem of religion.

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