Monday, July 03, 2006

Protecting the Rights of Sexual Preadators

A bit of background before we get started. Not long ago Georgia passed (pay particular attention to the way the MSM covers the story. Note the only sex offender they mention was a woman convicted of the statatory rape of a male) a law that effectively banned all child molesters from the state. The law stated clearly that anyone convicted of a sexual crime involving a minor could not live near schools, day cares, parks... even school bus stops.

Basicly this means that the poor darling pederasts have no place to live.

My heart just bleeds for them.

The stated intent of this law was to send the simple message. "We don't want you here." That's a message that is both lawful, and perfectly within the power of the legislature to send.

Of course... before you get to excited and start planning your move to Georgia... you should read this. I mean come on... You knew a law this good wasn't going to go unchallenged by the Black Robes.

Then again.... if they'd just shoot these sorry bastards in the back of the head we wouldn't be spending all this money on lawyers would we?

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