Friday, July 28, 2006


I know it's early... but hey... I wanted y'all to have a place to play while I was gone. I'm taking three bottles of wine with me... Pinot Grigio... Italian... Mezzo Corona I think.... that's for you Spacebunny. Jamie! I've got you covered... Jacob's Creek Merlot... 2003 I believe. Oh... and JAC, I didn't forget about you either. I have a nice bottle of Beringer White Zinfindel. I know how you love your girly pink wine.

Tobacco will be purchased on the road... I'll let ya know..

OH! and on the firearms front... I just ordered a new recoil compensator and ported barrell for my carry gun. Good times!

Y'all have a good couple days... I'll be back around saturday night.

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