Thursday, July 27, 2006

What's Wrong with Dogs?

Why can't I take my dog to the bar with me? Seems to me about every place has barred pets. What's the deal? Millions of people live and eat with dogs their whole lives. No one dies. It used to be if you went into a country resturaunt you may well find a dog (probably the owners) curled up under a table, or greetin' folks as they came in.

Today a dog in a resturant would result in a SWAT manuever with 14 dead, 23 wounded, and a brown stain on the floor. The Health Department would quarantine the place for 40 years.


Its a dog. Its not cholera. Its not even muslem.

Not only that... but we're not supposed to take dogs to parks now. My kids can't play with their dog at the playground. Can someone explain this?

I don't know exactly who was responsible but I'll guarantee females were at the bottom of it. When social norms are suddenly out-lawed you can bet a girl wadded up her panties about an uncomfortable situation... so rather than worrying about an unruly dog annoying someone, and the uncomfortable confrontation... they just outlaw the whole mess.

One day I'm gonna open a bar and grill... without a non-smoking section... where you're encouraged to bring your pets... where no shoes and no shirt probably mean someone's havin' a damned good time.

I'll call it, Eat At Your Own Risk... and I'll shoot anyone from the health department that so much as looks crossways at the sign.

Y'all come.

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