Thursday, July 13, 2006


BrandX axes: I'd like to ask you about your Nissan Titan, and a real-world, no bullshit evaluation of it, the good and the bad. Plus what to expect as average gas mileage . Appreciate it much as I'm looking at it or an F-150 Ford, both new. Any input will be appreciated.

Where to start?

Our Titan is a 2004 King Cab... it's got around 40,000 miles on it at this point. I've run nothing but full synthetic oil through her... changed her oil about every 5,000 miles... no problems. An engine light came on... but the dealer lied and told me the code didn't save. He says it went off on its own... my thinkin' is he cleared it on accident and forgot what it was. Anyway, we've had no problems out of it at all.

So.. Thumbs Up for:

- Monster Power.
- Best factory Nav system you can get. Smokes BMW's.
- More room in the cab than a full-sized car.
- Smokin' factory bedliner.
- Utili-trac bed system is awesome.
- Luxury. Pure Luxury.
- Bang for the Buck.
- Stereo is freakin' awesome
- Kids can watch the Dvd with headphones, while we listen to tunes.

Thumbs Down for:

- Gas Milage? This should be measured in gallons per mile. Not the other way around. Interstate? 14 or so. City? Forget it. 10 or 12. The good news is, if you're towing, your gas milage really doesn't change. You'll still get around 14 on the interstate, even with a 9000lbs trailer. 405ft/lbs of torque will do that for ya.

- 5.5 foot bed is just to short.

Over-all it is exactly what we needed. Its the family truckster of this millenium. Kids in the backseat... all the stuff in the bed under the A.R.E. cap. You can do some distance in this thing. We absolutely love it. We just wish the gas milage was better... and when I pick up a load of 2X4's I wish I had an 8-foot bed. No complaints though.

It comes down to what you want the truck for. A contractor couldn't use it. Bed's to short. But average joe pullin' a camper or a boat... makin' an occasional run to the hardware store? You can't beat it.

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