Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Carry Weapon

It will shock those who know me to know end, but I've purchased a new carry weapon. Before you get to excited let me state that I am in no way retiring my beloved Taurus PT-101. Quite the opposite. I'm tricking her out with a new barrel and recoil compensator.

I purchased my new girl at a gun show in Nashville this weekend and today was actually my first chance to work her out. She did not disappoint.

The target to the left was shot from 25-yards while standing in approximately 20 seconds, with Winchester 165-grain $17 per 100 Walmart ammo.

Please note the 11 holes. By my scoring that's a 2 1/8th inch group... if I were writing for Guns and Ammo it would be a 1 1/16th inch group.

Now see... this is why JAC and I often wonder allowed if most of the bloggers around actually know how to shoot. Because if you don't get results like this, then I am assuming you don't. This wasn't what I would say is excellent. I would say its good. The PT-101 would likely have topped it if I were shooting it single action. A 1911 would've cut the group in half.

Consider what it would've been if I'd been on a bench taking my time.

This is not bragging people. I really don't think I'm that good. I consider myself effective. I've never shot in a competition so I have no idea how I stack up. What I do know is I've never been to a range and seen anyone shoot like me or JAC. The only fella who's ever shot with us and kept up is an old timer who shot for as an alternate on the US Pistol team back when.

Anyway... I put 120 rounds through the new weapon and found these results to be perfectly typical. This was the last group I shot. There were no malfunctions of any sort.

Oh? What's that? What did I buy?

There is no out-of-the-box compact service pistol that will out-shoot the Steyr. No Glock. No Taurus. No Walther. No Springfield. No Khar. No CZ. Nothing. There are rumors around the net of malfunctions, but I find them dubious. If I encounter any problems, I will certainly discuss them here.

For now I am pleased with my purchase and after today, I trust it enough to carry it.


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