Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Brown Wins

Have you heard this crap? Idiots claiming that the Freak hasn't had a speck of dirt in his face... he's never run on mud... blah blah blah.

Are you a sucker? That's what they're hopin'. They're grasping at straws... hoping to give someone a reason to bet. Don't fall for it.

The Best 3-Year Old to come along in years is running against a bunch of Grade III chumps. This not going to be pretty. I would break down the whole field for you... but there is really no point. 2nd and 3rd are lottery picks. Big Brown is a lock. He's faster. He's meaner. He will impose his will on this group of horses.

After he won the Derby, he was so pissed off they couldn't put the blanket of roses on him. So, instead they kept them at his stable... and handed roses out to visitors.

They'll be handing out blackeyed susans to folks at Pimlico on Monday.

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