Friday, May 02, 2008


So I'm minding my own business... when I wander over to Vox's blog and find this:

That's the real advantage of the house-husband over the game designer. Sure, we both sit around doing nothing but play games all day, but if Dr. Who ever leaves his redneck posterior for the handsome and urbane surgeon that is clearly her due, Nate not only hits the financial jackpot but gets to keep his kids. Outstanding! Watch and learn, grasshopper, watch and learn. And don't fret about the tears shed by would-be parasites upset at finding themselves outparasat. A girlfriend of mine told me that her three best girlfriends all have husbands that stay home while their wives work and the men sit around complaining about their wives. That just seems wrong somehow.


At this point I can't help but wonder if Vox took the Lord of the Luddites deal a little personally and decided to stir up some trouble at ol' Nate's house. I'm not tryin' to be play the victim here... but no one wants to be called a chump. Read between the lines. In no uncertain terms... Vox just called my wife a chump.

Yours to Papapete.

I can't help but think the same point could've been made without the personal association. A conversation about who get the kids if you were to get a divorce isn't exactly something you want to see opened up for disection on the Web.

My wife's not a chump... and the implication that I am somehow taking advantage of her is something I hear often enough without seeing it displayed on a fairly popular blog. I am often told by women that I should never complain because I have the perfect situation. Interestingly enough these same women listen intently when stay-at-home-moms complain about how hard they work. Either way... I don't see how its anyone's damned business how we choose to organize our lives.

I don't hide the fact that I am a stay-at-home-dad. So does the simple fact that I've given that knowledge out validate the disection of it in public? I'm not saying its morally wrong... but it sure as hell isn't polite.

I mean am I really supposed to think that Vox didn't realize he was calling my wife a chump?

My wife and I have both made sacrifices. Our situation is far from perfect and its not at all one I would recommend you emulate without giving the matter significant thought and prayer. There is a reason normal is normal.

Anyway... I understand that Dr Helen's piece made folks think of me. I just don't understand why one would chose to blatantly associate it in a blog post.. without realizing that it could make for some extremely uncomfortable reading.

Anyone that knows Julie and me read that post and cringed.

So thanks Vox. We appreciate it.


Where in we learn why such topics are best left off blogs... because they invariably produce comments like this gem from Baseball Savant:

This is a question of manliness to me. I can't let a woman do the work and furthermore I can't let a bitch tell me what to do because well, doesn't that make me a bitch? I would love to spend more time with my little Savantonians, but I can't get around the example I'd be setting them by not working hard and allowing their mother to work. I understand the legal rights and all that crap, but allowing the woman to work is evicerating the scrotum of a male. And it's not that the woman isn't working, she's working raising a family. Maybe I'm naive or I got lucky with Mrs. Savant, but we've been married 9-years now and discussions like this are just completely foreign to me.

Well isn't that special. See? I'm doing an immoral thing by "allowing" my wife to work... and I'm setting a piss poor example for my kids.

Remember.. this isn't a theoretical me. He's talking about me. These aren't theoretical kids. He's talking about my kids.

Do you think for one second he'd say that in person... with my wife and I standing right in front of him? Hell no. He's a bitch. He'd play nice and then talk about what freaks we are behind our backs... but this is the web... where polite means nothing.

I sincerely hope to meet Mr Savant one day. Perhaps I'll teach him a manly lesson about the consequences of shooting his mouth off.

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