Monday, May 26, 2008

Ride Wet. Ride Hard. Too.

So the radar showed a nasty line of storms... the southern edge was following I40. So... I figure I'll do a big south loop... come up behind it... and I've a nice sunny ride... and get home dry.

Yeah... that worked.

50 miles south of what was supposed to be the southern edge of the storm... I ran into a frog choker. Understand... I don't mean rain.... I mean it come a flood... all at once. I really don't give a damn about water fallin' from the sky. The trouble is... when it comes down so damned hard it ain't got no where to go... so it just puddles up on the dadgummed road. I'm hoping I don't have to explain how danergous that is on a bike. Hell... its dangerous enough in a cage.

Cage... that's what we call those things you drive around in.

Ah well.... the bike did well... no problems... but a windshield would've been nice.

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