Thursday, May 01, 2008


"VD->> I love reading your blog and esp. the comments.>> However, I can no longer get them to appear when I click> on the comments link.> All I get is the permalink page.> Over&over - an endless loop?>> I run a Mac with I.E. and another Mac with Safari.> It doesn't work with either.> I've been trying since you installed the new feature (tsk)>> Please advise...the comments were a beloved feature.>> Thanks>> Luddite Larry"

ok... when you fuck up your blog so badly that loyal readers are reduced to seeking the help of the ruffians and rabble like me... that's a problem.

For the record... if I ever discover that CoComment really is completely and reliably incompatible with Apple browsers... you can bet your ass I will adopt it on the spot. Nothing improves a comment community like eliminating the Elitest Macophiles.