Monday, May 05, 2008

They've Caught the Vapors

The blogs are all abuzz... The reaction is typical. One of the great irritants of Horse Racing is the way it attracts the idiots and dregs a few times a year... and of course... that means we're forced to listen to these idiots and dregs spout their completely baseless opinions.

Let me give an example... Frank Wychek is on a local radio show each morning... today Nashville was subjected to 20 minutes of Wychek wondering why they would kill a horse over a couple broken ankles. His reasoning was an intellectual tour d' force... he pointed out that we don't kill humans over a broken leg. Now Frank is acknowledging up front that he knows nothing about horses... and yet he still runs his mouth... as if it never occurred to the best veternarians in the world that they could maybe save the horse if they just took the time to put a caste on it.

No one bothered to ask Frank how exactly they were going to move the horse. What do you think PETA would've said if they'd rolled a loader out there and scooped the horse up in the bucket?

But hey its just a couple broken legs right? Just cast it. Just slap a cast on it and the horse will be fine right? That's what they do with humans right?

Rarely have I experienced such a burning desire to reach though a radio and slap someone.

Ah and to read all these blogs... you'd think no one will watch the Preakness. Indeed... the most common theme among the outraged was the swearing off of all viewing.


They're gonna watch... and they're going to love it. In fact... they loved that Eight Belles died. Her death allowed them their greatest indulgence... the emotional outburst. Mad? Please.... these people are having the time of their lives... and you can bet your butt they'll be watching the Preakness. They wouldn't dare miss it... because another horse might get hurt... which would give them yet another excuse for another indulge.

I read one idiot's claim that she didn't understand how she could possibly have such a reaction to the death of a horse she had no connection to.


She had that reaction because she wanted to have it. Emotional outbursts are her hobby.

And that's why she will be watching the Preakness and the Belmont in spite of her claims otherwise. She will be watching with baited breath... hoping against hope to witness another tragedy so she can relive all her derby fun all over again. Ya know what you'd hear if you could read their subconscious minds?

"YAY! A horse died! Now we get to cry!! OO! And we get to take turns talking about how mean and uncaring those people are for not crying with us!! OOO! HEY! I know!! Lets cry about them not crying!"

A pox on you all... wretched loathsome beings. You are unfit.

The one great thing blogs offer is access to expertise. People that know a great deal about one particular subject will blog on that subject. Unfortunately the vast majority of blogs are written by people that have no expertise in anything what-so-ever... and spend hours each day striving to drive that point home to anyone and everyone that may be unfortunate enough to stumble upon their pathetic work.

Here's an idea... the next time you decide to start of a rant with the phrase "I don't know anything about this but.." Just stop right there. Edit the "but.." out and replace it with a period.

Then shut the hell up.

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