Monday, October 03, 2005


Well... we're back... and round one is over. I'd be lyin' if I were to say that we weren't a little disappointed.

Crossville was awesome. The town anyway. We found that we could afford to live like kings there. We really loved the place. It was small... it was country... and there was a memorial to the county's Confederate Dead on the courthouse lawn.

Sadly the job wasn't at all what we were lookin' for. The money was fine, but it would be slave labor. They have anesthesiologists doin' work that RN's should be doing. There are only two doc's total, so when the other md is on vacation you are totally over the barrell.

I think our decision got made when the dude that was interviewing DrWho took us out to dinner... at one point he said... "There are no sick days here... if you have the flu, you suck it up and come to work."



That's not to say that Crossville is officially off the list... but its certainly dropped down the list considerably.


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