Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spy Games

Don't tell me you were shocked by this for one second. What I do know is the basics of our system are designed to prevent such a thing from happening. But by "basics" I don't mean any bureaucratic vetting process.

By basics I mean term limit.

Ya see... when the politicians come and go, but the bureaucrats stay... the politicians become nothing more than the interchangable parts we see today. This is how you end up with such rampant inbreeding between administrations, even those who profess drasticly different political ideals.

In our system, such bureaucrats should be turned over completely every 4 to 8 years depending. That, in and of itself, would limit the possible damage, and therefore value of any such espionage.

Instead, what's developed is the Whatsit. The unseen mass of unelected bureacrats that run the country. Its there job to maintain the status quo. They are the ones who brief all the new politicians. They are the ones who make sure any elected Washington outsiders become Washington insiders.

One would love to pile on here and take a swing at Homeland Security... after all... they've pretty well screwed the pooch since birth. But that would be dishonest. This started back with AlGore, prior to the introduction of the giant stupid that is the Department of Homeland Security.

This is a little off topic I suppose but while I'm at it.. I will take my shot...

Imagine a house... inside the house there are security guards with names like FBI, CIA, and ATF... then there is also this nerdy accountant dude who sits upstairs at a desk named FEMA who sends out checks for broken furniture...

The CIA guard is supposed to watch the outside of the house.... all the others are supposed to watch the inside of the house...

Then one day the house gets egged... from the inside.... The CIA new the criminal had the intent. But they didn't talk to the FBI about it. The blind one-legged red-headed step-child that is supposed to watch the doors was up in the owners room for his weekly ass kicking... so he didn't know to be looking for anyone with eggs... not that he could've stopped it anyway... and to make a long story a little longer, everyone ended up with egg on their face.

So then the owner of the house comes along... Postulates. Pontificates. Ponders... and then locks all of his guards in a closet to improve comunication. On the door of the closet he writes "Department of Homeland Security."

There. That's gonna fix it fer shore.

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