Saturday, October 15, 2005

More Black Stupidity

Some time ago I pointed out that the black reaction to any perceived racism is, in the hands of anyone with half a brain, a wonderfully effective weapon to use against them.

Looks like its happened again.

What could be more predictable? A Nazi group announces that its going to have a parade... blacks riot in response. The Nazi's don't even have to bother showing up. The blacks riot... dozens are arrested... countless innocents are hurt in the stupidity run wild...

I'm left to laugh and wonder if they'll ever learn.

Of course they won't... its just further evidence of the seething rage that boils barely below the surface in practically every urban environment in the country... rage that's fed by Jackasses and self-proclaimed black leaders.

I'm reminded of what Ice-cube said...

"Whites in America should be glad that blacks are talking about this stuff. Cause you know what happens when we stop talking."

See? That's a threat right there. A threat that would only be made by someone who has no historical knowledge of past confrontations between the relevant civilizations. Remeber all those history books about Europe being colonized by Africans?

Ya don't?

Ya know why?

Because spears don't work well against guns.

Oh dear... someone's gonna say I hate black people now.

I really don't... not in the least... I've just seen the anger. I know the rage. I know there is a confrontation coming, and when it comes, I know what side I'm going to be on.

America is splintered right now... more splintered than she has ever been. There are groups... based on race... politics... and religion... that are pulling her in drasticly different directions. The polarization is palpable and real. There is no middle ground.

Middle ground on race?

Middle ground on abortion?

Middle ground on gun rights?

There is no such thing.

I have no idea which group is going to snap first... why... or how... or when... I just know that there this country is in for a bloody bloody period. There will be war which will center around Urban vs. Rural... though it will really be more Conservative vs. Liberal... White vs. Black... Commie vs. Capitalist.

Those on the one side are already huddled in the cities mostly... and on the other... in the country.

It may happen next year... or it may happen 40 years from now... or it may happen when I'm dead and gone. I can't say. What I can say... is that I will be prepared. I have a plan. I have the means. I have the will... and if the fight comes when I'm long dead... I will rest well, knowing that my grand children were also prepared.

Because dammit... I prepared them.

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