Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ok... So I've been suckin' hind teet for a few weeks now. I just ain't got the time right now boys. I'm sorry... I love to blog... and I appreciate the hell outta you folks takin' the time to drop by... but.... unlike some other folks ya find around the ol' blogosphere... I actually have a life, and a pretty busy one.

Normally its no big deal at all to blog 4 or 5 times a day... but lately we've been cramin' to try get ready for all the interviews that are coming up... I don't even know how many there are total know... I just know that there are multiple interviews in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee that all need to get done in the course of a scant two weeks.

This has been a legistical nitemare... one that Julie's been bustin her ass to keep straight.. but it seems like everytime we get a plan nailed down, another group calls wanting to interview her... Granted... its a nice problem to have... but damn.

If you're keeping score... the list currently looks like this (Top four favorite prospects)

1. Huntsville Alabama. Holy Cow does this look sweet. Great Job. Great Location. Perfection.

2. Cullman Alabama. Insane Pay and 12 weeks vacation per year. That's practicly part time man... you could take a whole season off! Plus it's straight down 65 from Nastyville. This was the previous number 1 before Huntsville popped up.

3. Perry Georgia. The South kids. The real south. I think Perry is something like an hour or so from the Gulf. These guys have their crap together better than anyone else so far. They are making it very very clear that they dig Julie and want her to come down there. Everyone's been enthusiastic, but not as much as these folks have. They've sent us packages of this and that.. and they call every couple days with updates or just to check on everything. It's a great job all around... the only trouble is its also the furthest away from our family.

4. Dickson Tennessee. If we knew this was a legit offer it'd be further up the list, but they've been kinda non-commital about a position actually being open or not. Makes us pretty skeptical.

Basiclly if Huntsville or Cullman either one knocks it outta the park we'll be making a decision pretty quick.

Anyway... We're gone for a couple weeks. I'll be around... bloggin' from our Road HQ in Murfreesboro.

Farmer Tom... I hope you're still holdin' that girl o' yours. Y'all are still in our prayers.

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