Thursday, October 13, 2005

No Running in the Playground

Do ya see how stupid society has become? No swings. Nothing with moving parts. Teeter-totters? Nope. Merry-Go-Round? Nope.

All those things are dangerous!

None should be included at a modern playground. So say the Safety Nazis.

This is where we are going people. Fun is being legislated and litigated out of existence. I blame women, and the men who capitulate to their asinine whims.

What this boils down to is the fear and loathing of all things male. Girls are seen as better kids. They have a reputation (totally undeserved by the way) of being peaceful quiet little darlings, while boys are seen as rambunctious, violent, and loud.

Playgrounds were once seen as a place for this pent up boyness to be safely released.

But release is not good enough for the Saftey Nazi. It must be eliminated.

Its stupidity like this that forces me to almost totally abandon society. To flip the country the bird, and wander off with my family to blissful exile.

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