Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ya know... every so often I come across a little comment... or a blog that expresses such clear-cut blind loyalty that I start to miss those days... those days back when I was a Republican dammit.

No one said being brilliant was easy. Hey... it's lonely at the top people.

I say the top because that's the only way to describe it. I mean... when one looks down on everyone else... where else can they be?

Those starry-eyed fans of the Red Team... GO ELEPHANTS! They shout with such enthusiasm... and like any good fan... they make excuses and rationalize every stupid thing that their team's players do... while they crusify the players of their rivals for the slightest transgressions.

Bill Clinton was evil because he played politics with welfare reform... but Dubya is a genius for playing politics with education reform.

See how that works?

Oh but... those were the days weren't they? Back when we could all laugh and skewer the stupid liberals for being so... stupid. We were right... they were wrong... that's was that.

And what do we trade that for? We trade it for the cold hard uncomfortable truth. There is no us and them. There was always only them. Those of us who dared to dream of not just growing the government more slowly... but actually shrinking it... we were, and are, the few.

The Elephants fans love Reagan... but its funny... it was a realistic evaluation of Reagan's performance that was the first chink in my Republican Team Armour. For all his talk... can you name a single agency he closed? What did he do? Oh? A tax cut you say? Sure... there was a tax cut... one that liberals to this day say was so insanely ginormous that it nearly bankrupted the government.

In fact it amounted to basicly squat. The average american tax payer barely noticed it, and it didn't cause even the slightest government belt tightening.

See that? That's a what we accomplished writers* call a segway. Into what you say?

This here says I. The Elephant team loves to tell you how logical they are. So... let's talk about the average elephant view. In today's terms, if you talk to Mr Normal Republican who favors "limited" government you'll find that they measure "limited" government in terms of tax cuts. Government gets less money... government spends less money... government is therefore limited.

Got it?

At this point I'm hoping you know exactly where I'm going with this... because if ya don't... well... ya just need help... but don't worry... it's on the way.

See... the other Republican Maxim is that tax cuts actually increase revenue for the government. That, which is demonstrably true by the way, sort of shoots their description of limited government view tax cut right out of the water doesn't it?

Its about as daft as tryin' to put out a fire by pourin' gasoline on it. And that is leaving out the fact that the govenrment doesn't need tax money to spend, as it's more than willing to enthusiasticly go about printing gazillions from thin air.

The plain truth is... the Republicans do not, have not, and will not ever govern significantly differently than the democrats. The system will not allow it. It's equally as daft to assume the constitution boys or the libertarians will fail in exactly the same way for exactly the same reason.

That's why I've washed my hands of the whole affair. I have no loyalties but to God, my Family, and my Friends. I offer no loyalty to the abomination that is Amerika, as it offers me nothing but servitude in return.

A pox on it. A pox on all those who love it.

There are those who say it is only the liberals who hate Amerika. I say to them, anyone who doesn't hate what Amerika has become, cannot possibly be a conservative.

May it burn.

* It is the opinion of the author any blog that inspires women he's never met to email naked and naughty pictures of themselves is unquestionably an accomplishment.

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