Friday, October 14, 2005


Roll Tide!!!!

So... Consider this the Alabama edition of ATF. See... Julie got an interview in Huntsville for a gem of a job down there. So... as is our custom... we spent tonight surfing around looking info on the place.

We found a sweet little house ( yeah... 4000 square feet little) on the Tennessee river... with a 50 foot slip!!! YAR!!! After some searching around we also found a tactical firearms training center... that focuses on the AR's and 1911s, and a trap and sporting clays club!!!


This would make me only about an hour and a half from the grandparents... which would relegate JAC to "The Bad Son" status. HA! Bonus!

Clearly I'm pretty stoked about this particular possibility.

But alas... ATF is about more than fanciful prospects... Its about... Drinkin'! And aparently eating Kangaroo... which JamieR says is really pretty good... though to me it sounds a lot like eatin' a bit rat. I've seen a damned wallaby... I didn't see no meat no where. Two evolutionary steps up from a cat if ya ask me.

Now where was I?

ummm.. Oh Yeah... Drinkin'!

Well Jamie's havin' wine... cause he's a pussy. We're drinkin' American... Southron... By God Whiskey up here... and by we I actually mean me. Cas stopped a couple hours ago... dog can't hold his liquor for dammit.

Anyway... I'm deep into the 1792 if ya can't tell... May smoke another Patargas later on tonight... Ya know... Lately I been debate on chew... I know... its nasty as hell... but I'm a redneck dammit.

Whatcha into?

Hope you got a Guiness tonight Space Bunny.

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