Friday, February 24, 2006

Post Number 911: Time Well Wasted

Its come to my attention that more than a few of you are still spending far to much time in some vain and pointless attempt to fix this country. This is more than a little disappointing. I sincerely thought we'd covered this already.

Listen carefully dammit... I don't want to have to type this up again.

The country will not be fixed. It's not going to happen. We've decended into a level of stupidity and self-destructive idiocy that has rarely been breached in the history of man. Well... at least outside of Africa.

Politics has been reduced to a team sport. You've become emotionally invested in one side or the other. You're like a bunch of mad british soccer fans. You love one side loyally and you hate the other unconditionally.

You read blogs... think... discuss...

For what? To what end?

You're wasting your time on topics that no one has the slightest business being interested in. The Current Events Snobs of the day continually look down thier noses at the sports page, all the while oblivious to the fact that they are obsessing over the comics. After all... The warmonger president is threatening to use his first veto to allow a bunch of terrorists to take over some of the largest ports in our country, while the peace-nik moslem loving hippies have pulled themselves up from the barrell long enough to squeel about something other than the lack of islamic lubricant. Not to mention the fact that the Vice-President shot a lawyer in the face while bird hunting... drunk!

Friends... Pull your head from your asses. There is a world out there to enjoy. There are children to play with. There are motorcycles and wave runners to ride. There are mountains to climb. Unseen trails to explore.

There is more to life than the comic pages that make up section A over the New York Times.

These things are much more entertaining when you view them seperation. When you disassociate yourself from either side... and simply see it for what it is.

High Comedy.

Spring approaches. Better that we should feast up mostly raw meat, drink arcane concoctions from the dusky hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, Ride the trails unridden, and of course...



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