Friday, June 15, 2007


Holy crap am I tired.

We just got back from our canoe trip... 7 miles down the Harpeth River. Its just a meandering little class 1. Any true rafter would've been bored to tears. Then again... I was dealing with a 4 year old a 2 year old and a Pregasaurus!

The whole trip took us about 3 hours... if you are looking for a way to spend the day... I highly recommend it. The water is down right now... but there is plenty to splash and swim in if ya want. The Harpeth struck us as extremely clean... fish everywhere. We saw big buffalo fish... and massive Gar... the boys dug that. Some city folk that we passed said they saw couple eagles... but if that's true it would only be explainable by an escape from the Nashville Zoo... at least that's my bet. Of course to city folk anything bigger than a pigeon is an eagle... so it goes.

Anyway... it was like 30 bucks... the boys are worn out... and everyone had a great time. Sure as hell beats a trip to the movies. We used Foggy Bottom Rentals... and recommend them.

Take some extra trash bags and pick up along the bank as ya go. Few things muck up a good trip down a river like big pile of Bud cans on the bank.
And yes... I know the pictures suck... but hey... you don't take the good camera canoing now do ya?

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